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Thanks for the suggestion.


By the way, you can get a list of sources NOT coded at a specific node by using a Coding Query. In NVivo 9:


1. Select Explore > New Query > Coding Query

2. Go to the Advanced tab

3. In the second picklist, change "Coded at" to "NOT Coded at"

4. Select relevant node(s) and Add to List


After running the Coding Query, switch to the Summary tab of the results to see the list of sources.



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I'm having trouble with this as well and the solution above doesn't seem to work properly. For example, I have one node that is present in 18 of my 24 source transcripts. I would like a quick way of seeing which sources are NOT coded at that node. But if I do it the way described above it lists all 24 sources.


If I right-click on the node and click visualize, then click "chart node coding" I can see the 18 sources that ARE coded, but then I have to manually cross-check adn find the ones that are not.


Isn't there a way to simply see which sources do NOT have coding under a certain node? I'm sure I must be doing something wrong as it's a pretty simple query. Any help appreciated.

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