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OneNote & Evernote

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I was wondering if NVivo10 is going to include the capability to directly import/export from/to OneNote.


I noticed that Evernote is already included in the recent announcement of the forthcoming release to the public but no mention to OneNote. Since Onfolio (Academic & Scientifi edition) was removed from the market following its acquisition by MicroSoft, I have not found a suitable equivalent (one that, for example, works directly with bibliographic software such as EndNote). I have been using OneNote for my research during the past three years and it would be wonderful news for me if NVivo10 provides its users with specific features to ease the task of importing to NVivo the 'pre-selected raw material' from OneNote.


I have tried Evernote but I do not see any substantial difference (unless compatibility with Mac is required).

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Hi Oscar,


Have you ever tried Zotero? It is not just a bibliographic manager but also a suitable equivalent for Onfolio about its web-capturing capability.


In my opinion, it is better than both Endnote and Onenote.


Nvivo 9 supports Zotero but currently the way that it handle does not let user to get full benefits of Zotero, and if they provide (lets say support for Zotero RDF files) in Nvivo 10 that would be really great. No one will need to look for an alternative on bibliographic management, web-capturing, pdf indexing, and research collaboration.


Last but not the least, unlike other solutions Zotero is FREE.

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Hi Can ARIK,


Thank you for your suggestion. Much appreciated.


I tried Zotero in 2007 and tried last year again. It is one of the preferred options for some colleagues of mine who do not use Internet Explorer. I have not tried the standalone version (3.0) but I understand that it is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer. I have no plans to stop using IE, so that seems to be a problem. However, I will keep an eye on further integration of Zotero and similar tools with NVivo and will not hesitate in exploring new solutions.


On the other hand --and more fundamentally-- I do not want to be the one adapting to NVivo, I expect from QSR to continue developing NVivo in a way that it suits the needs of its users. I think QSR has been receptive to feedback from its users and that is why my suggestion here.


Best wishes

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Hi Oscar,


Thanks for the suggestion. As you've mentioned, our forthcoming NVivo 10 release will include support for importing data from Evernote. Our product development team are currently investigating future support for OneNote.


May I ask you some questions about what you'd like to be able to import from OneNote?


1. What kind of data do you have in OneNote? For example, text notes, web clippings, multimedia, file attachments...

2. Would you be wanting to import specific OneNote pages into NVivo, or would you be wanting to import entire sections or notebooks?

3. Do you use tags or other properties of your OneNote pages that you would want to see imported into NVivo?


Thanks and regards,

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A question or thought regarding Evernote, Onenote, and, indeed, Zotero - One challenge for integrating these programs into NVIVO is that they continue growing and changing over time. After you've imported a set of references from Zotero, or data from a note-taking app, that information remains in NVIVO as it was at the time of the import. If you then add new references, or make changes (perhaps in the notes section) to the reference in Zotero, that new information will not be reflected in the corresponding entry in NVIVO. It would be great if there was some sort of "sync" feature that allowed you to immediately update the imported information in Zotero. A two-way sync would be even better, but seems unrealistic presently (that is, when you made notes on a PDF in NVIVO, you could somehow export those notes to the PDF held in Zotero).

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Here is list of more 10+ note taking apps: https://www.xp-pen.com/forum-5583.html

Different people use/need different features so it depends.

I love OneNote because I use it for my handwritten notes. The other thing I like in OneNote is the fact that it is way easier to share your notebooks with people. That is really helpful in work setting.

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