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Improving the accuracy of "finding content (crtl+F)" tool

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I have realized that the tool "finding content (crtl+F)" provides less accuracy than a text search query when matching the PDF outputs. Since I contacted the QSR support and it seems to be really a problem, I suggest the accuracy improvement of this tool.


For instance, in the PDF attached I could find through "text search query" 4 references to the word “bateson”. But in the same PDF, using "finding content (crtl+F)", I could find just 1 reference.


Other point is that often the "finding content" isn't able to highlight the search results. I mean, NVivo changes the regions or pages, but the words themselves continue sometimes "hided".


A important improvement is to deal with these general issues around "finding content" accuracy. But I suggest the tool improvement as well, in order to provide an output list of searched words, in the same way Adobe Acrobat and Word 2010 provide.




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