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Hi everyone-- I'm trying to find a way to easily count and see text that I've coded with 3 different codes. In a matrix query I can cross tab 2 sets of codes but I can't find a way to look at 3 sets of codes at the same time. I need to be able to easily count (hopefully not by hand) how many documents have certain combinations of 3 codes and then see the actual text coded. Any ideas?

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Hi dbasco,


You could run a Coding Query and gather all the coding at the three selected nodes:


coding query.gif


When looking at the query results - you can check the status bar at the bottom of the NVivo window to see the number of coded references.


Click the Summary tab on the query results to see all the sources that have been coded - again you can check the status bar for the total number.


Hope this helps - let me know (because if you're keen to see the results in a matrix we could get a bit fancier!)




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Hi Kath,


Thanks for this. I can store multiple coding queries for each of the permutations of 3 code combinations but it would be great to have it in a matrix/cube form if possible. I have 3 sets of nodes (i.e. nodes with upwards of 15 subnodes) that I'd like to see the intersection of. So it'd be great to have the results in a format that can easily export the counts but also have the ability to see the read the coded text if need be.


Thank you,



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