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Pdfs with corrupted text/data when coded as node

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I've just noticed this happens with some texts and not with others.


I import a pdf and it looks fine so I start coding. However, when I later click on the node and bring up the coded text, the text from particular pdfs will come up as nonsense or corrupted data. It is either a lot of blank squares with some punctuation marks, or a whole series of punctuation marks and random letters and numbers (much like censored swear words!)


Is there any way to fix this?

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The problem appears to be with the font used in the PDFs.

Please open these PDFs outside of NVivo and copy the text from these PDFs and paste them in a word or text document. You will probably see the same unrecognised characters here as well.

Please refer to the following links to review some discussions on this issue:

If the problem persists, please fill out a contact support form referring to this post and provide one of the PDFs as an attachment in your email.

Faraaz Khan

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