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I've been doing some tinkering to see if I can construct a query to get the result I'm after but haven't been successful yet.


Say I've got 4 cases and I've got 3 participants from each case. I've gone through and coded my interviews with all the participants. When I look at a node I see everything that is coded there irrespective of the case the participant is from. This is fine for cross-case analysis, but I want to also do some within-case analysis.


What I want to do is to construct a query that filters out the coding from the participants from other cases and just shows me the coding from the particular case I am interested in.


What I thought I'd need to do is create four coding queries, one for each case, and then run the relevant one as needed.


Does anyone have some advice on how to achieve this?

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QSRSupport    76



You can run a Matrix coding query with your nodes (themes) as row items and your case nodes as column items. The result will be displayed in a Matrix and each cell of the matrix will contain the number of coding references for your row and column item combination. In other words, you will only see references that relate to each node and case. You can double click on any matrix cell and go directly to the coded reference.


For more information about Matrix Codnig query, refer to the link below:




I hope this helps.





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