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Viewing coded data in the node

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I obviously am missing a setting somewhere. I’ve looked in the NVivo manual but can’t seem to find what I need to do.


I’ve begun coding transcripts. I have a number of nodes, and most of them have at least one selection of coded text.


However, I can't display the coded text. I am on the ‘reference’ tab and I believe this is where they should be displayed.


When I select the text tab the thumbnail at the top confirms 9 selections, but I can’t get them to appear.


What am I missing?



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Hi Charlotte,

You are right about the coded text being displaying on the reference tab.

The following help link explains what is in a node:

Can you click on the thumbnails present in the Summary tab and check if this opens the relevant source.

Please also open the sample project and let us know if the same thing occurs here.

If the problem persists, contact QSR support directly via https://www.qsrinternational.com/support_contact-support.aspx referring to this post and provide your project as an attachment in your post for further investigation.

Please be advised QSR acknowledges that research data can be sensitive and as such, we’re committed to treating customer data in the strictest of confidence.

Faraaz Khan

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