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integrate with dragon voice recognition software

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Would there be any possibility of getting Nvivo to work with Dragon. It is not possible to get basics like spelling or easy insertion of text and naviagtion is really complicated and slow. This could be such a good feature, that speeds up researchers work, not to mention being useful for disabled researchers like myself.


I am a heavy duty dragon user and even with programming some features are almost impossible to do.


It works a treat with other software such as Atlas, so it is possible.

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Hi! :)

I would like to add my voice to docdemspter's.


I just purchased Dragon Speech 11 J (Japanese version - but you can use either Japanese or English), and tried to voice dictate the transcription within NVivo. However, NVivo went crazy and froze.


I have read in both these forums and on academic forums in such communities as Research Gate (see, for example a discussion at: http://www.researchgate.net/post/Has_anyone_had_experience_using_the_software_NVivo_10_to_produce_transcripts ) that it is best to use voice dictation software independent of NVivo. So meaning that you import the completed transcript into NVivo.


However, it would save so much time to be able to use such software as Dragon within NVivo so as not have to go back and time stamp everything and so on and so on.


Also, it should also be considered from an accessibility point of view for those like docdempster who faces extra challenges than myself.


It will be interesting to see how voice dictation works with the Mac version of NVivo once the transcription feature is added. And Apple's latest OS - Mavericks - has voice dictation already built in for free in many different languages! :) (I will post a suggestion there).


Looking forward to your kind follow-up of both our suggestions.


Cheers! :)

Darren McDonald


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