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Capture multiple pages with ncapture

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sibaiorb    0



I am a PhD and use NVivo for netnography (online ethnography) of forums. NVivo is great and so is Ncapture.



Sugestion 1: ncapture enable to capture only 1 page at a time while some of the posts I work with can be 30 pages long. It would save me a lot of time if I could type in/ provide the URLs to Nvivo and the software would download all the pages I type in. I am not necessarily talking about thousands of pages - but a few dozens would help me a lot - and probably many other people working with online forums.


Suggestion 2: when I capture several pages of a same thread, I need to fusion the pages into one pdf before I start coding my source. This requires to 1. import the webpages captured in ncapture format in nvivo 2. export the webpages as pdfs 3. merge the pdfs with a small app 4. import the merged pdf into nvivo. Again, that is quite type consuming and disheartening.


I have not found any other solution and it would be great if you could create an "import multiple pages" and a "merge ncapture sources" functionality.




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Jason Flett    11

Hi Sibaiorb


Thanks for your suggestions, they are both good ideas and something we are currently considering.


Suggestion 1: When you say you wish to capture more than one page at a time, do you mean that these pages are somehow related and all belong to the same forum thread? So if you could capture the initial topic or post, and then all the threads that relate to that post within the forum.

Perhaps if you could possibly supply some examples for this.


Suggestion 2: You would then like to see all these pages from the forum thread imported into NVivo as a single PDF source?


If you could clarify these suggestions, i will add them to the suggestions we are currently considering for upcoming releases of NCapture and NVivo.





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nilsbraad    0

I agree - this would make the NCapture feature much more useful. In relation to Suggestion 1, I sometimes need to capture all the subpages within a site and it would be great if Nvivo had this feature - I think that was what the user was getting at. In relation to Suggestion 2, I would certainly love it if all the pages were imported as one single PDF source.

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ppival    1

I recommend using Snag-It's "Scrolling Window" capture to capture looooong web-pages. The output can be saved as either an image or PDF. No affiliation with Techsmith, just a happy user.

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