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Coding audio source to a node; node playback past coded segment

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I have been coding audio sources to an existing node. When I access the node, and try to play the segment back for any of the references, it does not play back just the coded segment; it continues to play the audio file past the coded portion. What is the correct process for coding so that it plays only the coded portion?


Here are the steps I currently follow:

- Listen to the audio file until I have a codable segment. Hit "pause" or "stop"
- Drag my mouse to select codable segment.
- Go to "Analyze", "Code Source at", "Existing node"....select node; hit Okay.

Then, to play the coded segment, I go to the node, select the source from the summary tab or the audio tab.
- Go to "View", "Highlight", "Coding for all nodes" and "Coding stripes", "All node coding"....it highlights the entire recording and plays past the coded portion.


Please advise! Thank you.


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Hello Shireen,


You are currently coding using the "Code Sources at" button. This will code the entire source to a Node instead of the part you selected. To the left of "Code Sources at" is "Code Selection at". This is the coding method you need in order to just play the selected part of the audio.


After using "Code Selection at" on an existing Node, you can then go into said Node and listen to only the selected parts with no problem.


I hope this has been helpful.




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