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Hi I have been using Nvivo for a short period of time. I have survey data which I have coded it with Nvivo. However, I have got bid of problem when calculating percentages. I will try to explain it as detailed as possible below.


1) I have got survey, which involved 237 children from various schools.

2) In every question I have got different response rates. 92 children responded to the question in the example I am going to use to present problem.

3) 26 out of 92 children gave irrelevant answers. Therefore, 66 children gave code-able answers.

4) I have coded the answers from those 66 children and I have coded 112 references in total.

5) I have coded those 112 references into 23 different categories and I have classified those categories into 3 main thematically categories. At the end it looks like this.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us


I would like to calculate the percentages of those main categories. My problem starts here. I struggle to find way to calculate that.


First of all I would not calculate like number of references X100 / Number of total respondents (92) because more than one answer from one children might have coded in the child categories. For instance to be able to calculate percentage of management issues, I would not say 52X100/92=56% of the children. Because same children might have coded more than one time in the child notes, therefore 56% would not be the correct percentage of children.


When I analyse the demographics 52 references in the management issues category recorded from 44 children, 31 references in the health and safety category recorded from 25 children and 29 references in the personal reasons category recorded from 27 children. I would not use these number of children (44-25-27) to calculate percentages because second and third most mentioned categories would change places and it would not be correct.


I would not calculate that using number of responses because I do not know how many responses we got. I know 66 children gave relevant responds but some of those mentioned only one issue, while some others mentioned 2 or 3 issues.


I would be grateful, enlighten me about what I should do about issue?





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Hi Melih,


Since each child can indicate more than one issue, your problem is exactly same what we see in multiple response survey questions.


Thus, in order to report correct percentage of each thematic categories you should prefer percentage of responses as below.


1) Management issues: 52*100/112= %46.43


2) Health and safety: 31*100/112= %27.68


3) Personal reasons: 29*100/112= %25.89


I hope it helps.



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