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Problems linking classification sheet, node classification and attributes

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When I select an individual Interview in the People source folder, and go to properties and try to select a classification (people), there are no classifications listed. When I go over to Node Classifications, however, Person is there, along with all the attributes (Race, age,etc.).

To give more background about my file: In the Node tab there is a People subfolder, with the same titles (of interviews) as in the Source tab. In Source tab, there is a People folder, with each interview titled the same in the Node tab. However, all the Participants located in the People folder have 0 sources and 0 references.

All the Nodes (in node tab) under the People folder representing the interviews have 0 sources and 0 references, while the transcripts (With the same names) located under Internals/People are showing the nodes coded.


As far as I can tell, there is a problem with classifying sources and assigning the attribute values to them.



NVIVO file screenshots.doc

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Hi brownk,

Thank you for your forum post.

While source and node classifications behave in a similar way, they are used for different purposes:

  • Use source classifications to store bibliographical information about your sources—you can import this information from reference management tools like EndNote, Zotero or RefWorks. NVivo also provides the predefined classifications interview and focus group to help you keep track of your sources—you can add these to your project or create your own general classifications.
  • Use node classifications to provide demographic details about the people, places or other 'cases' in your project. For example, classify a node as a Person and define attributes for age and occupation.


Therefore, in your scenario, I would recommend to classify your ‘case’ nodes using the node classifications. Please refer to below NVivo Help for more information:



This NVivo tutorial (applies both to NV 9 and NV 10) may also come useful:



If you need any further assistance, please submit a contact support form.


I hope this helps.


Kind Regards,

Jun Kim

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I had the same problem after merging projects.


I have a node for each interview with demographic classifications set up as 'Person'. The relevant data was there in 'Node Properties' for each interview. But the node was not listed in the 'Classification Sheet'.


Here's what I did to solve it. Go to the missing node, right click and select "Classification". For me it dropped down two choices: 'No Classification' and 'Person'. 'Person' was already ticked. I clicked on it again. After this the Node, with appropriate demographic data, appeared in the Classification Sheet.

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