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classification sheet import in external docs?

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I imported a classification sheet from an older project into a newer one. The excel file ended up in the external documents folder. Under the Classification tab, I do see the sheet. It's named Case.


Next, I imported a source document, which is a transcription of an interview named Della.


I autocoded Della for Cases, a node. All worked well; there are two cases, Audrey and Della, and each had 89 references.


Problem: When I look at source document and try to see classification, the attributes are all unassigned.


Shouldn't this map to Della's attributes?


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More information.


I imported the classification sheet from an exel file. The source document is linked to the case nodes. So Della's interview is linked to the case node Della. Della is also a unique case in the excel files with several attributes filled in.


My question: I can see Della node is connected to classification sheet Cases. However, the attributed remain "unassigned." Shouldn't there be done automatically when I imported the classification sheet?

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Hello ncaudrey,


A classification sheet has to be in the Classifications section in order for it to function correctly. If you open your Classifications list and right click anywhere you will see a "Import Classifications Sheet" option. Use this and the wizard to import your classifications sheet.


Please note that the node Della has to be in the correct hierarchical order as it is in NVivo (Internals\\Folder1\\Folder2\\Della).


For more information on classification sheets, please see the following help file:



I hope this has been helpful.



Best regards,
Richard Simms

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