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I am wondering if it is possible to generate a report that exports the copied portions of the pictures that I have coded. Currently, when I run the coding summary report, I get all of the normal data with the exception of the picture that I coded. Obviously I can live without being able to print this off, but it would be much more convenient. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Thanks for your help.

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Hi Alanm9!


Thanks for your query.


You can export the entire node which has the coded portions of the image. To do so right click on the node in the detail view and go to Export -> Export Node. In the ‘Export Options’ window that opens up, select ‘Entire Content’, check the ‘Open on Export’ box at the bottom left corner and click OK. In the web page that opens up, click on PICTURE tab to view the regions of the image that have been coded to this node.


NVivo currently does not allow you to include coded image sections in coding summary report.


Cheers- Rahul

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