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NCapture - URL & Date Accessed Information - Include in Actual PDF Itself

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When using NCapture, I understand that NVivo keeps a record of the captured webpage URL and date accessed in the attributes.


I was wondering, however, if it is possible to have the URL and date/time accessed actually printed in the PDF that the webpage is created into.


The reason for asking this is that some of the webpages I capture are used in papers that I write. When writing up a paper I must include in the citation the URL and date accessed.


At the moment, this information is propriety to NVivo software. I want to also be able to export the webpage (as a PDF) with the above information included. It is just the same as the information that would be included when printing out a webpage from the web browser directly- whether that "print out" be a hardcopy or PDF "printout" using Primo or the default PDF print function on the Mac.


Looking forward to your guidance.


Cheers! :)



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Hello Jason,


Thanks for putting this in the log for the next release! :)

Since the Mac Beta is out, could you also log this in the Mac releases too?

With many thanks! :)

Darren McDonald


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