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importing xls containing product demand forecast

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Having watched this video that explains how to import datasets into Nvivo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWBUH-hCAEY), I still can't manage to import my chosen dataset. I have an excel spreadsheet containing a forecast for a product demand in different countries. So my column A is UK, Germany, France, and Denmark, and the headings for Column B, C, D, E, etc are 1990, 1991, 1992, etc until 2020. The content of the spreadsheet is just numbers. Now I want to create a relational database where the demand in Germany in 1993 will return that specific value from the spreadsheet.

I imported my dataset, and nothing is created automatically, I have difficulties making the nodes, and somehow I made a classification instead of actually making a node. Some cells are white, some grey, I don't know which cells should be white and which ones should be grey. I don't know how to actually create my nodes automatically. Could you please help me with some steps I could follow, or tell me if what I am trying to achieve is actually doable in Nvivo? I would really appreciate your help.

I might not have explained my issues very clearly, so do please tell me if I should explain myself better.

Thank you


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Hello ioana,


Thanks for posting this thread.


I believe you are trying to use your dataset to create case nodes and using the data within to classify these nodes. This is achievable using NVivo 10.


In this case, you have to ensure that each row in Column A contain unique names. This is because NVivo 10 will be creating nodes using these names and two cannot be the same. If needs be, you can create a new column in Excel containing a unique ID column before reimporting.


Once this has been done you can use NVivo 10's "Import classification sheet" to create nodes with these classifications. For more information on this, please see our help file:



When importing a dataset, there are two types of columns - codable and classifying. Codable data can be coded to nodes, whereas classifying can only be used to classify nodes. For more in-depth details on this topic, please see this help file:



I hope this has been useful.



Best regards,

Richard Simms

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