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Participants as Case Nodes and Free Nodes Handling

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Hello there!

As a novice in NVIVO I could use expertise and experience for an issue that I don' t know how to handle.

I currently work with focus groups so I use case nodes for each participant.

My problem is the following. When I create free nodes for a topic, I cannot see how many different participants have brought it up unless I count them manually because although they are different cases they are all in the same source file.

Is there a way to fix that so that in a free node report I will know a) the number of sources (focus groups), B) the number of case nodes (participants) and c) the sum of references. Is there a solution for that?

As an alternative I am thinking of creating different doc file for each participant but I am hoping for a more software driven solution.

Looking forward for your suggestions!


PhD Candidate Greece

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hi Eugenia,

i posted a similar topic yesterday, although no replies to that yet.

regarding your query - do you want a 'report'/document, or simply wish to see what thematic nodes code the participant case nodes?

You can get a view of the case nodes from the thematic node, and vice verse, simply by viewing the coding stripes, but for me this is not enough.

i have to think more on it to find a solution. perhaps the answer lies in sets or folders rather than case nodes.


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