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Hi there - I am hoping someone can help


I've been working with video files (.mpg) which have previously uploaded without any problem at all

However I've just tried to upload a new one and I am getting the following error message:

"The media file does not support seeking"


I have no idea what this means or what I should do to rectify the situation. Any suggestions would be most welcome, thanks in advance!



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QSRSupport    77

Hello Natalie,


Thank you for your post.


If you have been able to import other video files of the same format, it indicates an issue with the video file. Please open your video file in Windows Media player and check if you can jump forward and backwards in the video? If you are unable to do so, this may be happening due to lack of proper video Codecs. I suggest you download and install a Codec pack to see if this resolves the issue.


If you are able to play the file in Windows Media Player, please convert the video file to another format to try and resolve your issue. You may be interested in using the free Microsoft Movie Maker to do this:



I hope this helps.



Rahul Gupta

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I am trying to import video files in Nvivo 11 Pro but either it does not work at all ("The required media codecs may not be installed on your computer") either I am able to import but not to read the video in Nvivo (the file seems to be read but it is a black screen, no pictures).


The initial format of my videos is .MTS, as it was not working I tried to convert them in .mp4, .avi, .mov....it still does not work! Yet, I am able to read all my videos in my computer so the right codecs seem to be there!


Could it be that Nvivo does not recognize/find the codecs installed on my computer? What else could it be and how to solve it?


Thank you very much for your help!



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QSRSupport    77

Hi Scattolin,


First check that your file is an acceptable format as per the following link:




If it is an acceptable format and you're getting a codecs error in NVivo, this can happen due to a lack of proper video/audio codecs on your Windows Operating System. A codec compresses or decompresses media files such as songs or videos. Windows Media Player and other apps including NVivo for Windows use codecs to play and create media files.

To try and resolve the issue you're experiencing in NVivo I suggest that you download and install a codec pack such as any of the ones listed at:


After installing the codec pack, close out of NVivo and reopen it and try importing the file again.

If the issue persists after installing the codec pack, try another codec pack and if that does not resolve your issue, please provide us the file that you are trying to import for investigation via a support request form at:




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