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I run NVIVO on Windows XP through Parallels. After having NVIVO open for 10 days of work, and saving regularly, I re-boot my machine and shut down Parallels first. When I opened NVIVO again, it told me that a newer version of my file exists, do I want to use it instead. I said OK and it froze I had to close it and open again but it doesn’t give the option to recover the file anymore.


Now I cannot access the recovered file and my backup only picks up the last version saved when NVIVO was closed.


I found the tmp.nvp file and changed the name, but it says that the project could not be opened and appears to be corrupt.



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We may be able to recover the corrupt project.


Please fill out a Contact Support form (scroll to the bottom of the page) and provide us the corrupt project for investigation. Please also mention this forum post in your support request. To provide us the requested file:

  1. Navigate to your project file located on your computer
  2. Right mouse click on the project file
  3. Select Send To > Compressed (Zipped) folder
  4. A zipped (compressed) version of your project file will be created. Attach this zipped file to the contact support form

Note: There are restrictions with the file size that you can send me. If the zipped file is over 10MB, please let me know and provide the actual size of the zipped files (right-click on the file and select ‘Properties’ to view its size). I can then set up a secure file sharing service provided by http://www.dropbox.com for you to upload your project.

Please be advised QSR acknowledges that research data can be sensitive and as such, we’re committed to treating customer data in the strictest of confidence.

I look forward to receiving your support request.



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