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Exporting nodes to Excel as Dummy variables

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I have the following problem:


1. I have one source - an excel sheet with many rows containing text and let's say in only one collumn.


2. The text content in almost all rows is coded to around 40 different nodes.


3. I now need an excel sheet where i can identify to which nodes the text in each row is coded to, e.g. 40 new collumns representing the nodes and a "1" in each row if the respective text is coded to that node, otherwise "0".


I tried different kinds of exporting the nodes, but this left be with no way too allocate the nodes to the rows in the original excel sheet/source.


The closest I got is when exporting nodes as an .html file, as this leaves me with the row number (ID) and the coded text for each node. This would allow me to use the vlookup-function in excel to generate the dummies I want, but the .html file is not editable. Any other export option does not export the row number of my source.


Thanks for help or suggestions!



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Hello Max,

I’ve passed on you request to our Product team to see if there’s any way to export the Nodes in a format that would allow you to work with them as you would like.

I’ll get back to you with any info they provide.

Thanks, Harky

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Hi Max


I think the best approach to this would be to run a Matrix Coding Query and then you can output the results into an Excel spreadsheet.


If you code all the text to Node A (the original column) - this will be the column in the Matrix Coding Query, and then the 40 other nodes Node 1.... Node 40 as rows in the Matrix query.


The results should give you what you want and then you can export to Excel.

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