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Questions about disappearing and moving nodes

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I've got a site license with a bunch of users and rarely run into something I don't know how to fix. I've got a user offsite who is complaining of tree nodes resorting themselves - not appearing in the same order. There has also been the claim made that a node has disappeared.


While I don't know what to make of the disappearing node, I seem to recall somewhere a discussion of sort order in the node explorer, but cannot find that using the search feature. Am I dreaming or is the user's machine posessed by evil spirits.


I'll turn in a formal help request if no one else has seen this sort of thing....it's just that I have this dim recollection of others complaining of something similar. I will get my hands on the machine when the user brings in the machine tomorrow.


Any thoughts our clues would be much appreciated.


Chris :D

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Hey Chris,


Not sure if you're talking Nsomething or NVivo, but so far as I know in NVivo, tree nodes stay in the order in which you've created them. So said Lyn when I asked her previously. The only way to change the order is to re-address them (can be done in properties for each node).


In N6, you can select whether nodes are displayed by address or by title in Project > Preferences > Node Order.


I do not believe the same exists for NVivo.


Good luck with the disappearing...


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Hi Chris,


The disappearing node syndrome may simply be the result of the user dragging and dropping a node to put somewhere else and does not watch carefully where the highlight is when they 'drop' it. This happens pretty frequently in my workshops. I find that there are quite a few people who are new to dragging and dropping and need to practice being accurate. You can find the node again by using the Search facility in the Coder.


Jen is correct a that it is not possible for the nodes to be re-ordered in the left hand side of the Node Explorer - unless you deliberately do so - by dragging and dropping or using the properties box to change the node address. But again, if the left hand side is being re-ordered it may be by unintentionally dragging and dropping which is quite possible by someone completely new to it. On the right hand window you can rearrange the nodes by click on the column headings - the first one will arrange them in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, the second by the node address, the third by the amount of passages coded etc.


So I would put it down to unintentional dragging and dropping - unless someone else is somehow logged onto the same project and is changing things. Then again there could be a ghost in the computer.



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Thanks for the feedback. Once I was able to watch the person and see the node reports, it was clear that she has a "heavy index finger" and is accidentally dragging and dropping nodes as she moves around the node tree.


It seem to me that have at least the option to require confirmantion on node moves would be nice.



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