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Importing survey data and documents

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ppreston    0

I have 2 sets of data. One is a set of short essays each written by a different person. I also have an excel spreadsheet with survey responses from each person (including age, gender, scale responses to specific questions). I know how to import the essays (documents) and I know how to import the spreadsheet data (classifying/attributes). But, how do I pair each essay with that person's classifying data? Each person has a unique ID number that can link their essay with their survey responses, but I can't figure out how to link them in NVivo. There are several hundred participants involved, so I don't want to have to enter the classifying data manually.

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QSRSupport    76
Hi Paul,
To link your essay with survey responses, you will need to create ‘person’ nodes from each essay.
Once these person nodes are created you can classify them from the values in your survey responses by using the ‘Classifying Nodes from the Dataset’ wizard.
Refer to the link below to create case nodes i.e., ‘person’ nodes from the source documents
Refer to the link below to classify your case nodes from values in the dataset (XLS file imported into NVivo):
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