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Deleting a transcript without deleting the associated media

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I have several audio recordings I've brought into nvivo. I'm importing the associated transcript for each file after making a few changes to prepare them for import. Sometimes I discover misplaced colons, etc after import, so I want to delete just the transcript, fix the problems (using the original software used to edit them outside nvivo) then reimport the corrected transcript. I can't figure out how to delete a transcript. I've been just deleting the audio recording, then reimporting the audio and then reimporting the transcript. It's a very slow process. If possible I would like to leave the original audio recording in nvivo and just delete the transcript. How can I delete just the transcript?

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Support suggested I just reimport the transcript using the same steps you use to import it in order to overwrite the old transcript. I think that's a great idea and hope to see the ability to overwrite transcripts in future releases. Unfortunately, in this version of NVivo, it doesn't work. If you try it, an error message is displayed that reads "import transcript rows failed This source already contains transcript entries" So the only option still seems to be to delete the transcript first. My question remains, how can I delete a transcript?

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