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Is there a way to just look at one set of codes?


I have a node folder with 3 nodes in it. I would like to just look at my data that is coded for those nodes and those nodes only so I can further code it.


More details:

I have coded how students are sharing their ideas and included the teacher's comments/response when available. I would like to pull just the data that I have coded as students sharing ideas so I can further code how the teacher responded.


Is this possible?



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Hi Sophie,


There is a few ways you can do this. If they are all part of a parent node, and there is nothing else in that parent node, you can turn on node aggregation to list all the references for all three nodes in the parent node. This can be done by following the below steps:


1. Open the nodes list view

2. Right click on the parent node

3. From the drop down menu, select Aggregate coding from child node

4. Now open the parent node in detail view. This will contain all references from the parent node and the child nodes, from which you can continue coding


If they are not all part of a parent node, or there are other child nodes you don't want to look at, you can run a coding query. To run a coding query with the results that you want, follow the below steps:


1. Open the query tab from the toolbar

2. Choose Coding Query.

3. Choose the Advanced tab

4. Chose the options Coded at and Any Selected Node. Hit Select

5. Select the nodes you want to explore further and press OK

6. Select add to list

7. Run the query


This will open all the references coded to the selected nodes.


I hope this information helps, please let us know if you need more.





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