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Memo's and lack of Annotations /See Also Links

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Can someone please confirm that I am correct in this? Or if there is a work-around, please let me know.


I am working in Nvivo for Mac and just discovered there are no annotations or see also links. I am now trying to figure out how I might proceed.


As each source can only have 1 memo linked to it - in Nvivo for Windows I was advised to create a standalone memo, for instance, "Theme X" and then use the See Also Link to link to the specific sections in each source that I wanted to write about. As I understand it, in Nvivo for Mac, there is no way to link a Memo to a specific section of Text. Memo's can only be linked to entire nodes or entire sources.


Is this correct? If yes....


Does anyone have any good suggestions for working around it?


I am used to being able to create a "compilation" Memo via See Also Links and use the annotations for noting to myself interesting tid-bits I might come back too.


Seems like the power of Nvivo has been stripped right back if this is the case. :(






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Hi Sarina,


Yes, you are right about the memo feature of Nvivo.


However, there is a workaround for your issue:


As you might already know you are NOT limited to a certain number of nodes for your project. If you would like to have a similar functionality as you you did with annotations in Nvivo for Windows, I suggest you to utilize nodes.


Let's say you would like to annotate a certain section in a source. Then, in Nvivo for Mac, just select that section, code it with a node, and name it as you desire. Then add a memo to that node like you add an annotation for it.


Repeat this step for all specific sections in that source but just do not forget to give a different node name in each time you code a section.


In order to keep your nodes tidy, I also suggest you to put all memo nodes under a parent node.


Once you have finished coding your sources and adding memos you can do perform all kind of actions as you perform with the annotations in Nvivo for Windows.


I hope this helps.



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