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running query with two keywords

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I am trying to find instances in my sources (text files) that have two keywords side by side. The keywords I am looking for are 'trained assessor'.


I have tried running a query with the two key words (trained assessor) but it is giving me way too many results; I'm getting results for any instances of 'trained' and 'assessor' as if I ran two separate queries.


I have tried using the 'special' functions but this is not giving me what I want. For example, using 'AND' between 'trained' and 'assessor' does not tie the words together for the purpose of searching.


Any suggestions please?



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Hi Jamie10,


You have chosen the wrong special function. In order to get what you want you should use "required" function. Your "search for" window should be seen like below.





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I am having the same problem. However, I have tried those options ("" and +) and several other combinations of Boolean operators, with no success. It will not search for the phrase as a whole, instead picking out anytime any of the words from the phrase are used as a reference. What might I do to fix this problem?

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Hi reeck009,


I wonder if your search phrase includes words that are eliminated from the search - because they are Stop Words? You can see a list of the Stop Words for your project by opening File> Info> Project Properties. On the 'General' tab, click on the Stop Words button.


If your search phrase is eliminated because of Stop Words, you can edit your Stop Words list to remove the terms you need. When you do this, NVivo will need to reindex all of the text in your project, so it make take a few minutes. Once you've edited your Stop Words list, the new list will be used for all future Text Search Queries and Word Frequency Queries.




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