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Problem importing audio files despite a format supported by NVivo

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I already encountered the problem, previously with a video file (problem not solve). This time, I was trying to import audio files of format .m4a, a format which is supposed to be supported by NVivo. I can read the file on my computer so I guess it's not a probem of codec (as suggested by the pop-up dialog box when trying to import the files). I 've also installed Media Player Classic and Format Factory, that also imported new codec; but the problem was not solved. Finally, I converted my files in MP3 through Format Factory and the importation in NVivo was ok. Nevertheless, I would like to know what was the problem importing the original files and if it can be solved.
The original audio files (.m4a) were actually audio saved from recording done with Livescribe Echo Smartpen. Importing these audio files in NVivo is actually a workaround, waiting the time when NVivo will support pencast (= pdf with audio or "talking pdf"), I was talking about in a previous comment some weeks ago! ;-)
Thanks in advance for helping to solve this problem!

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Hi Véronique,


I'm new to NVivo, so not sure if this is related/helpful, but I couldn't save MP4 as audio files (despite these being what they are). I uploaded them but could not get them to save. However, I found I could save them as video files and work with them. Are you trying to upload these as audio files? Maybe try uploading as video or draging and dropping as video files?


Another thing I have found helpful is going onto Youtube and looking up how to save WMA files as MP4. There was a teenager who explained how to do this, and it made things much easier for me as MP4 can be uploaded (and is an easier platform as it has more rewind options).


Just a thought.

Bonne soirée,


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Hi Veronica,


This is a bit of a complicated one, so bear with me as I try and explain.


The file format .M4a, or .MP3, or many of the other formats available, are effectively "wrappers" or containers for storing a data stream (your audio).


The audio data stream itself can be made in many different ways, and to read them requires that you have the right codec. An M4a file made in one program may need a different codec to an M4a file created in another.


Therefore, while NVivo can import M4a files, you need to have the correct codec pack installed to decode the contents.


I hope that made sense, it can be a very complex topic.





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Also, we usually recommend the codec pack found at the below link. It usually resolves the issue.




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