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Dear all,

I am writing in the forum in order to know if there is a way in Nvivo to count the number of words of a source.

I know that Nvivo has a word frequency function but what I need is to know that a document has for example 6000 words, that's it.


Using the word frequency function I should export the Whole list and than sum it using Excel.


I found a lot of very usefull tools, but I don't see a very easy function like this one.


Is there a simply way to get this information in Nvivo?


Thank you



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Hi maumassaro,

You could try the following process to count all the words in a source:

1. Code the source to a new node

2. Create a Matrix Coding Query:

a) At ‘Rows’ select your source referred at step 1

b ) At ‘Columns’ select the node created at step 1

3. Click ‘Run’

4. In the detail view, right-click the value and select ‘Cell Content > Words Coded’

The total words in the source appear.



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In the process above, you can select several sources as rows and several corresponding nodes as columns. A table appears with nonzero numbers at the intersections. In the detail view, when you right-click one of the values and select ‘Cell Content > Words Coded’, it appears for all rows.

You can then export the node matrix query results to excel by right-clicking in its top-left cell and choosing the adequate context menu item.

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Hi Dan,


Are you creating the Matrix Coding query as per instructions at the below help link:



If you are still unable to locate your node or experience any other issue, please fill out a support form at: http://www.qsrinternational.com/customer-support mentioning this forum post and we'll be able to assist you further.




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