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I am very new to the Forum but I hope someone can assist - I have successfully imported a large data set from Survey Monkey and have coded this thematically, I had to do this before the survey was closed as the team had to show the preliminary findings. Is it possible to import the new surveys to this existing dataset and add the node classification sheet to the existing classification sheet ? The initial data was approximately 117 surveys and now there are now 198 so I basically want to be able to code and query across all 198 surveys. I am thinking I will need to import all the surveys again but hoping there is an alternative.




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Hi saraho,


When you import the new SurveyMonkey information into NVivo you will be given the option to Merge into previously imported dataset. This will allow you add any new survey responses to the dataset that already exists.


For further information about importing SurveyMonkey information please see the following help link:

Once the dataset has been imported you will need to run autocoding again if it was run on the dataset previously. Autocoding will code responses from the new survey respondents. Once you've autocoded, you can run the Classify Nodes By Dataset Wizard to assign the additional attributes to the new survey respondents.


Information on how to do this is available from the following links:


Classify Node From Dataset


I hope this helps.

Regards, Tane Barriball.

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