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Please add ability to edit dataset

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I would love to see the next version of Nvivo include the ability to edit a dataset once imported. The ability to edit text in the fields (especially in the codable fields) would be a great start. It would also be great to have the ability to add/remove columns at a later date.


Another functionality I would appreciate is the ability to add more information to a dataset source. For example - if you import some survey responses, and then a week later you have more responses to the same survey, it would be great to be able to add these to the same source rather than having to create a new source each time.


Is there any work being done to improve Nvivo's functionality in these areas?

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I second BOTH suggestions. NVivo is supposedly a program designed to handle LARGE datasets, it should acknowledge the fact that when researchers work with 1000s of pieces of multimedia data that there is good chance that some data appears in duplicate or errors are noted long after having imported the dataset into NV and creating nodes etc., At this point what are we supposed to do what exactly? Start from scratch again?

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I wholeheartedly support both of these suggestions and would appreciate hearing what is being done to address this. In my mind this is one of the biggest shortcomings of using NVivo.


I work almost exclusively with datasets in NVivo and when I realize that I've imported a dataset to which I need to add a column of additional data or have imported data with errors that need to be addressed, it is so frustrating. I have to make fixes in other other programs, re-import, and lose of all of my coding. It would be so helpful to have the ability to both add data (either rows or columns) and edit data once in both codable and non-codable fields once the dataset has been imported.

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I agree. I'm about to have to throw out all my coding work and start over because I didn't realize I needed a column of unique labels in order to split it into cases.

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