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Reporting references with filters

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selena    0

Dear all,


I'm new to this forum but recently attended the QSR introduction to NVivo workshop in London. I've got a specific question about report building I hope someone can help me with. I'm using NVivo 10.


I'm working with one internal source file which contains survey results. The file was originally an Excel file with both codable and classifying columns. The data in question is free-text survey comments made by library users at a University. I have coded all of the comments by topic at a node level, and classified all of the respondents at a Node Classification level. I have now received a request from the library branch managers to see the comments made by customers of their branches.


The report I am trying to build will present the coded references from this one source (Internal source = x), detailing only the responses from the respondents from one branch library (Node classification = y) , broken down by topic (lots of nodes). I've come relatively close what I want this using the 'Coding Summary By Source' report and selecting the following filters:


Source.Hierachical Name = one source in question (x)

Coding node.Hierarchical Name = topic nodes I've created

Coding Node.Number of Coding References = Greater than 0


But I can't add a Node Classification.Attribute Value (y) filter to this report which *I think* will give me the report I need.


Is there a way of doing this? Is there a better approach?

Yours hopefully!





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QSRSupport    76
Hi Selena,

We've noticed your forum post and wanted to assist you.

You could consider using the Report Wizard or Report Designer in NVivo 10 for Windows to add further filters.

You may consider using the Report Wizard and in Step 1 select 'From an extract' to choose 'Coding Summary by Source Extract'. In the remaining steps add the filters and grouping as per your requirement to proceed further.

Please refer to the following help link for more information on using Report Wizard or Report Designer:

If your data needs to be further organised, please refer to the following help link for more information on how to organize your demographic data:

You may also consider using Queries to ask questions of your data.

Please refer to the following help link for more information on how to utilise queries and visualizations:

These self-help resources may also be useful:

Online help: step-by-step 'how to' instructions for working with your software. Access it via your software’s Help menu.

Tutorials: video demonstrations of the software’s features like importing and coding data. http://www.qsrinternational.com/support_tutorials.aspx

Short 'how to' videos: mini instructional videos to help master key functionality of NVivo. https://www.qsrinternational.com/en/nvivo-how-to-videos/

If you would like to take advantage of our training and consultancy services who can provide you project specific assiatance, please refer to: http://www.qsrinternational.com/training-and-events.aspx

I hope this helps.



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