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Matrix Coding with Exclusions

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I am trying to do matrix coding to see how certain codes are cross-coded. So context codes (A, B, C, and D) that are cross tagged with overarching themes (1, 2, and 3).


I know that I can use matrix coding to get a table that shows me how many references are both A and 1, A and 2, A and 3, B and 1, B and 2, etc.


But, how do I exclude material as well? I want to see everything that is cross-coded, but exclude anything that has two other specific codes (say X and Y).


Logically I would think of this as A AND 1 AND NOT X AND NOT Y. In the coding query I can do that, but there aren't the same options in the matrix coding query.


Does anyone know what I should do here? We'd like to use the matrix coding query because we have a lot of cross-codes that we want to run and don't want to do each individually.





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Hello Eleanor,

You may consider only selecting the Nodes you wish to compare in the rows and columns section. This way you can filter the Nodes you wish to compare.


However, the options to exclude aren’t available in the Matric Coding Query at this stage.


You may also consider saving the results of the Matrix coding query. You can cut the resultant Node from the Results folder and paste it in the Nodes section if you need to progress further with the analysis of the results obtained earlier.


Please refer to the following help link for more information on managing query results:


I hope this helps.

Faraaz Khan

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Hi Eleanor,


How about this approach?


Step 1: Create a Coding Query

Build a coding query to return all content coded at :

any of {A,B,C,D,1,2,3}

AND NOT coded at all of {X,Y}


This query returns all the references excluding any reference that is coded at X and/or Y

Save the results of this query as a node in the Nodes location - let's call it 'ABCD123 excluding X or Y'


TIP: Save the Query. That way when you code more content at A,B.C,D,1,2,3,X or Y, you can rerun the query to update the node.


Step 2: Create the Matrix Coding Query

Rows: A,B,C,D

Columns: 1,2,3

Instead of searching in 'All Sources', change the scope to 'Selected Items' and choose the node 'ABCD123 excluding X or Y'


Let me know how you go with this approach :-)



Kate Edwards-Davis

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