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NVivo for Mac update

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I saw the announcement on Facebook, so I immediately went to QSR to download the update, but after I did, it seems that I still have version 10.0.4 (not 10.1, which I assume is the updated version according to the recommendation here ). I tried to download the update twice, but each time it shows that I still have version 10.0.4 and not 10.1


I made sure to have the old version closed when I installed the update, and I told it to replace the current version.


I must be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. Thanks in advance for your help.



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Thank you for your post.


It is most likely that you are installing NVivo for Mac from an older installation file (.dmg) that may be present on your Mac. May I please suggest you to delete any ‘NVivo.dmg’ files that are present on your Mac and re download the NVivo for Mac 10.1 update file from the below link:



Once the file has finished downloading, Ctrl + click on the file, select ‘Get Info’ and ensure the ‘Created’ date is today. Also ensure that the downloaded file is 343.9 MB is size.


If the issue persists after installing NVivo for Mac with the .dmg file from the above link, please submit a support request form at the below link and we’ll be able to assist further:



I hope this helps.



Rahul Gupta

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I did exactly as you said, and I still have the old version. I deleted copies on my computer three times, downloaded the new one three times, and when I right-click it, it's still the June 19 release.

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I submitted a formal request for assistance, and I have finally been able to install the new version. I don't know what was different because I followed the same procedures...just this time, the linked file that downloaded replaced the old one.



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