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Text query in selected folders/items

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I'm trying to run a text query on specific subfolders. So I go to Text Search, select "Search in: Items in Selected Folders", select the folder I want and try to run the query. Which seems straightforward enough. However, it results in an error: "The query is invalid. Please specify search items." The same error message occurs when I search in "Selected Items." Am I doing something wrong?



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Hello h.k,


We will require more information to investigate this further. Could you please fill out a support request form at the below link and mention this forum post:



Once your support request is received, we’ll be able to provide further assistance.



Rahul Gupta

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I have sent a support request. Here is some additional info:


- The behavior is mainly limited to only one folder in our project; all other folders work (but see below)

- It is reproducible on another computer

- It does not matter if one selects the item of that subfolder with "Selected items" or "Items in selected folders"

- The error also occurs when selecting all items/folders except for the one that causes the error in the first place

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I have the same problem. I receive "The query is invalid. Please specify search items." error notification when I try to make a very simple query. It doesn't matter if I select all files, or just one folder or a single file. Any suggestions what can be wrong?

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Case solved. The issue was that my project and all the files in it were stored on OneDrive. Once I moved everything to my laptop hard drive the query worked.

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