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'Save As'.....vs Copy Project

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Sarina    2

I find the 'copy project' option counter-intuitive.


Firstly, why not have a 'save as' option as per many other programs that researchers would be using?


Secondly, when I log on- perhaps after a break of working on my nvivo analysis - I often start with saving a new copy and adding the date. However, I've discovered that when you 'copy project' - Nvivo doesn't move you onto the copied project - you stay working within the original project that you opened.


This means that I have to

  1. Open up my project
  2. Copy the project and type the entire new name of the project in (don't seem to be able to just alter small details such as adding initials or date at the end of a project name)
  3. Close the current version
  4. Open up the new version that I want to work on today.

Too many steps!

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nilsbraad    0

I agree completely. "Save as" is a time honored principle of document handling which is in every other program for a very good reason: it's an intuitive an easy way to keep backups.

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