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Update failed, Trouble accessing project

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Hello, I'm looking for some guidance please.


I have a student license for NVivo for Mac. When I opened the program,

I got a message to update to version 10.1. I downloaded the .dmg file
and it installed on my computer, replacing the older version (10.0.4).
But when I try to open it I get an error message "NVivo is damaged and
can't be opened. You should move it to the trash".

Frustrated, uninstalled it from my computer, and reinstalled the
version of NVivo that I had before (from CD). Which appeared to instal fine, and I could open
this version. However, when I try to open my PhD project, I got a
message that this file was saved in a newer version and could not be
accessed. Again frustrated, I tried to reinstall the update, but the
same cycle happened again.

It seems I can neither download the update for 10.1 nor can I access
my project in the version I have (10.0.4). What do I do? I need to work
on my project!


Grateful for any advice,


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Hi Maria,


Can you please follow the steps below to try and resolve this issue:


1. Click  (Apple logo) on the top left hand corner of your screen and go to System Preferences.

2. Go to Security & Privacy. Click the ‘lock icon’ at the bottom left hand corner of the window, enter your Mac password and click Unlock.

3. Under the General tab, select Anywhere for ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ and click the ‘lock icon’ again.

4. Try to open NVivo for Mac again. If the issue persists, please fill out a contact support form for further assistance.


Note: Once NVivo has been installed successfully, follow the above steps and change the security setting back to it's previous value. ('Mac App Store and identified developers' or 'Mac App Store')





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