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Cannot Create Framework Matrices

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I would like to see different responses (interviews) by different themes/nodes. I saw someone could do it by framework matrices.


I open Create tab, but the Option for New Framework Matrices does not appear. Then, I tried with Query, but the Matrix Code does not appear also. I did it both in my project and Sample Project but failed.


Do I have to do something to prepare for this step? Or is there problem with my NVIVO10 (10.0.3)?



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Hi Le,
At this stage framework matrices are currently unavailable in NVivo for Mac. I have already shared with our Product Manager your desire to see this feature in NVivo for Mac.

Your feedback will help us improve NVivo with future updates and releases.







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You may click on one node and press Command + A to select all nodes and export them together. This will generate separate documents for each node.


Please check the link below to know more about Export feature:




I hope this helps.





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