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Coding stripes colors

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It would be hugely helpful if I could select colors of coding stripes. I have three years' worth of data, and it would help tremendously to be able to code each year a different color, so that when I look at results, I can see which ones came from which year. I am currently looking at writing across three years, and this would help me see changes / growth more readily.


A friend has Nvivo for Windows, and she used the colors to code by source, so for example, when she looked at results, she knew which ones were from interview data versus observations.


I've organized my data (sources as well as nodes) in folders, so I'm OK with organization, but it would be hugely beneficial to have nodes organized by color. Please make this an update in the short term.


Thank you!

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Thanks so much for your feedback – it really is appreciated. We have regular meetings to review and prioritise user suggestions for Mac, so this level of detail is very helpful.

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