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How to indicate "no data"

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I'm assisting a researcher with a mixed-methods questionnaire reply spreadsheet where some respondents made no reply to some of the questions so there is no data in some of the cells. Rather than leaving them empty, I thought it would better for analysis purposes if I put "no data" into these cells. However when I import the spreadsheet into NVivo I get an error with these some of these cells where they are in Integer columns. I don't want to put a numerical 0 because in some of the cells this would be misleading. Has anyone had this? Do you just leave the cells blank?

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Hi jrc,


I'm assuming the cells you are asking about are part of your classification data? That is, when you've created cases for each respondent, this data would be recorded in NVivo as attribute values?


If so, I would leave the cells blank. You can then use the 'Classify from Datasets' function to create cases and assign their attribute values. Any cells that are blank will be recorded as 'unassigned'.




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