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Text Query searching for the character "("

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Dear All,


I am developing a literature Review. I am analysing papers in pdf. More precisely I need to check what authors are cited within sections of papers.


I am doing it manually, but I need to develop a control procedure to be sure that I am not missing anything.


To do it, I thought I could use a text search criteria. Unfortunately, I am looking for the character "(" in papers since most of the references within papers are within brackets. Something like (Author Name, 2003).



So I though I could use a text search criteria for "(", using the wildcard "?". Unfortunately since the character "(" is a special character the text search does not work.



I tried this: "("* and also "(*"


Do you have any Idea for developing a text search for the character "(" using Wildcards? I need wildcards since soon after the braket there is the name of the author.







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Hello everyone,


I am trying to use text search query (I have Nvivo 10.1.3 for Mac) to find specific words written in quotation marks in my data, such as "sustainable" and compare to the same words written without quotation marks (sustainable). Is there a way to use a texte search criteria which specify the use of quotation marks in the text?


Thanks in advance for any help,



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So is it really true that NVivo does not allow me to escape any of the special characters so that I can search for them?  Oh my! This is such a basic and simple feature of any serious text query tool. So please can someone tell me that I'm wrong?

Or perhaps there is a way to search for regular expressions (regex)?

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