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classifying to existing case nodes from a survey

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I have a survey with classifying and coding data. Participants in this survey have already been added to NVIVO project earlier. I would like to 'auto-classify' data for those participants, but I cannot find a way to do that. The only option I found is to create new case nodes and new classification. But instead, I have a pre-existing classification table with all the attributes I need (some which are same as in the survey and some others), so I would just like to add the parts of classifying data from the survey to the preexisting classifciation attributes in NVIVO.


Any help on this is welcome,




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Thanks Bhupesh,


I have used the 'Classify Nodes from Dataset' function by selecting the Classify to Existing Folder. However, because my case nodes are located within separate subfolders of the main Case Nodes folder I still can't classify to all the nodes. If I select the main folder, the new nodes are created becuse the existing ones are all in separate subfolders. I can select one subfolder at the time, but if I classify the whole table it will still create new nodes that are not in that subfolder. The only option is to pluck the nodes out of those subfolders and place them into a new folder, but the downside of that is that I need to return them back to their initial subfolders after I finish classifying.


Do you know if there is a simpler way of classifying the content of the whole table to all the existing nodes across different subfolders?


I appreciate your help on this.



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Hi TanjaC,


You can still use the "Classify Cases from Dataset" function to update the existing nodes in each of your subfolders. What you can try is:


  1. On Step 2 of the Wizard, set the location for the nodes to "Existing Folder" and choose one of the subfolders you are using
  2. Underneath the 'Name' field on this same page, make sure the option 'Create cases if they do not exist in this location' is NOT checked
  3. Continue through the wizard as usual

This will classify the nodes in the subfolder you selected in step 1, without creating any new nodes for participants not filed under that subfolder. You can then repeat the process for each subfolder you are using.


I hope that helps!




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OK, I think I know what the problem is when classifying or auto coding from the dataset to existing nodes.


The "Create>Classify Nodes from Dataset" function AND "Analyse>Auto Code" (using source structure or style) CANNOT be done if the nodes you wish to code to or classify are child nodes within node hierarchies, regardless that they are all located in a single nodes folder.


What I had to do is:


1. take each child node out of their node hierarchy,

2. place them in a folder on their own as parent nodes,

3. Classify and Auto Code all the nodes in this new folder,

4. Return each node back to the hierarchies I took them out of.


When you have a lot of child nodes nested like this, this process is very time consuming.


To fix this, a function could be added which allows to either:


1. select the parent node just like we now select the existing folder or

2. have a tick box that would ask whether to browse for the child and grandchild nodes the same way it currently does for the parent nodes.


This would make this process of classifying and auto coding much, much easier.







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