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Uncode Selection At -> Currently Coded Nodes

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You are currently providing the following nodes feature to uncode data:

Analyze -> Uncode Selection At -> Existing Nodes / Recent Nodes

It would be fantastic if you could add an option to uncode: 'Currently Coded Nodes'

I do not think this feature would be hard for you to add, as you are already providing the function - although in a way that is hard to reach for the user, as explained below.

If I select the 'Existing Nodes' option and click on the 'With Coding' tab, Nivivo provides a list of all available codes and highlights those (in a white rather than a grey background color) that are already been used for this selection. However, I use over 200 nodes in my research and it is rather time-consuming to scroll through the entire list every time I want to check which nodes have already been used for a specific selection of words.

Thus, it would be fantastic if you could either add a new tab within the 'Existing Nodes' option (that lists only those nodes that are currently used to code the selection) or add an additional list, similar to the 'Recent Nodes'.

Thanks and best,


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Hi Tobias,


Thanks for the feedback - are you wanting to select specific nodes for uncoding?


If you want to uncode from all nodes that code the selection, then you can click the checkbox on the left of the selection dialog.






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Hi Kath,


I'm sorry to say that this doesn't help.


What I am looking for is a feature that tells me which nodes have already been applied to a given text. As per my above explanation this is not an issue if you only use 20-50 nodes but with over 200 it is rather difficult/time consuming to get this information at the moment. As I explained you can get there, which makes me think it cannot be too difficult to add a new tab to the code and uncode option which lists all those nodes that are currently applied to a selected portion of the text.

Thanks and best,


PS: If I right click on a selected section of text there is a greyed out option called 'Uncode Selection at Current Nodes' (the equivalent option exists in the code selection menu of course) - I wonder whether this means you are planning to o provide this exact feature in the future (and it just happens to be under review at the moment)?

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