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Introduce Additional (Former) Reference View Setting


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Dear Developer Team,


I have just updated to the new Nvivo 10.2 and was shocked to find that you have changed the way you display the standard Reference View Setting inside of Nodes. The new way of displaying takes up way too much space on screen! Yes, it highlights the source and the number/percentage of appearances, but I believe the way this was done before was much more efficient. I have now got to scroll twice as much and it is much less convenient to compare sources. What you have done may work well for those who use the same node many times in the same source but for bigger projects this is just a nightmare.


Can you please let the user choose their preferred view setting (i.e. add an option to display the Reference View of Nodes in this new style or the old style)?

In the meantime can you please advise me where I can download the former version of Nvivo. I replaced mine with the update, so I cannot go back now. Considering how much time I spend using Nvivo, I would prefer to use the former version until this issue has been solved.


Thanks and best,


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Hi Tobias,


Thanks for all your great feedback - it is much appreciated.


I will definitely run your suggestions passed the development team - and come back to you with any responses.


In the meantime, I wonder whether you'd be interested in becoming a member of our new User Testing community?


Your clear suggestions and attention to detail would really help us as we develop new features.




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