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Why is 'zoom' faded out?

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Hi johnmathewrichardson,


At this stage there is no built in zoom feature in NVivo for Mac. At this stage we recommend using the built in accessibility features of OSX to perform this feature. You can turn on zoom features in Mac OS X to enlarge the content on the screen so that it is easier to read—choose Apple > System Preferences > Accessibility, then click Zoom and choose your preferred zoom settings.


I have shared with our Product Manager your desire to see this feature in NVivo for Mac.


Our aim is to support your work by continually adding new functionality. These features will be added based on your valuable feedback via regular free software updates in the coming months.


Mr_Tobi could you please clarify the greyed out features you are referring to and I can further investigate?




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Hi Andrew,

Yes of course - I am particularly referring to the feature "Uncode Selection At Current Nodes" (the same goes for "Code Selection At Current Nodes" of course), which is greyed out in the "Uncode Selection" Option that can be reached by right clicking on selected text.


It would also be helpful to have the "Code whole words" option available that is currently greyed out (it is listed in the Application Preferences Menu) - it certainly is a helpful feature of Nvivo for PC.




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