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I’ve got an issue in NVivo around classification sheets for sources vs. nodes for a systematic review. It’s papers basically that are imported as sources (rather than interviews but in effect they can be treated the same) that have then been coded via nodes that I’ve developed. I’ve got a source classification sheet with attributes that highlight key differences in the papers such as location. What I want to do is explore the coding based on the attributes of the papers e.g. china vs. UK. I can do this via a matrix query but it’s not working in the way that I want. I don’t have node classifications as the papers are sources rather than nodes – so I can’t explore via node attributes, if that makes sense? I played with the idea of creating case nodes, but it doesn’t feel right.


Any suggestions as to what I could do to compare the coding in the papers without having to create case nodes?

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Hi e10124820,


It may not be necessary to create case nodes to achieve the result you desire. If your nodes are coded from sources that are classified, then you can run a Matrix Coding Query by selecting the source attributes as your rows and your nodes as your columns.




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