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Creating sets based on attribute values

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ekmckee    3



I would like to be able to create sets of people nodes in my project based on certain attributes (eg, country of residence).


I have already assigned these attributes to my people nodes. And I have coded multiple interviews and observation notes with nodes for themes and evaluations that are important to the study. I would like to sort through these to find out (1) how common these theme nodes are in interactions with research participants from different countries (ie, assigned different attributes), and (2) what other theme nodes these target theme nodes are associated with. It seems like the most efficient way to do this would be to create sets based on the relevant attributes (eg, country of origin), because then I can easily run queries within each set. Is this possible in NVivo for Mac?


Thanks for any help you can give!

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medlins    0

Did you find an answer to this?


I have a large data set with multiple attribute values. I need to search the full set by these attribute values in order to create smaller sets that are attribute-specific. For instance, my data set has 7000 documents. Each document has attributes associated with it for kind of document and source of document.


I need to filter a data set that includes only the documents that are kind=email and source=government. I see that I can filter in the classification sheet but then I cannot save the result as a set. I also do not seem to have an "advanced find" option that is available in the windows version, which apparently makes this impossible to do? Surely not, what a basic function.


What do I do? Is there a work-around?

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