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Program Design Adds Time to Coding Process


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I switched a few months ago from NVIVO 10 for PC (running on a Mac through Parallels) to NVIVO for Mac. Although I appreciate not using Parallels, which makes most computers run incredibly slow, I have found that NVIVO for Mac takes much more time to code than when I used NVIVO 10 for PC. I know NVIVO for Mac is still in development and I am hoping you consider a few improvements in future updates/versions.


1. It would be helpful if NVIVO for Mac had a “quick coding bar” and allowed code nicknames like NVIVO for PC does. The drag-and-drop coding (node) is a nice feature. However, it can be difficult to use and it increases inaccuracy in coding. Often when a user clicks a highlighted area to drag it, the item will be mistakenly be dropped by the user in the wrong place and/or the user will mistaken click another area and then the text becomes un-highlighted and not coded. The user then needs to go back re-highlight and drag and drop again. It also seems that the drag and drop feature does not allow the user to code a single piece of text with multiple codes at once and/or quickly. I have also tried using the right-click process and code the selection that way using the drop down list, which is also incredibly time consuming (and the codes always default to collapsed view here as well, taking more time to “expand all”). Coding is already a time consuming process and without a quick coding bar/nicknames, using NVIVO for Mac adds significant amount of time to your coding. Users could still use drag-and-drop if they find it useful, while others could use the more reliable and quicker “quick coding bar.”


2. It would be helpful if the Detail View (where nodes are displayed), which can be Expanded/Collapsed, had a default view to whatever the user last used. For instance, when I toggle between free nodes and tree nodes, the program usually returns to a collapsed view. I almost always want to see an expanded view (all my codes), especially if I have to drag and drop text into each one. It takes a good amount of time (and is an annoyance) that when I switch between free nodes and tree nodes that I have to go back and expand the nodes again.

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You raise a very good point (especially your comments on point 1). To add to this topic, I often experience issues where highlighted text becomes un-highlighted when I have to scroll in the nodes section (top half of the screen) to find a node that is either further up or down than the current nodes displayed (I guess only users who use a large number of nodes will experience this issue). As you explain - finding and highlighting the exact text again is time-consuming and a rather frustrating process over time.

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