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In preparation for group coding, I am trying to format our transcripts to make them consistent and easy to read across multiple formats. To start with we'll be coding on paper (with a team that is mostly new to qualitative work). I would like to add paragraph numbers to the transcript, so that each turn in conversation is marked with a new number. I can do this through formatting in Word to add a numbered list before importing to NVivo and it works beautifully - that is, until I actually code a section in NVivo and it re-numbers my coded section starting with 1. For example, if I code numbers 12-20, and then open up the node to see what I've coded so far, it has re-numbered my coded section as 1-9. This makes it difficult to figure out where that reference came from, especially on a team where not everyone is coding in NVivo yet (but is coding on paper to start). Is there any way to make NVivo keep the original embedded paragraph numbers, rather than re-starting the list at 1 for each coded selection?


Updated: I figured it out, and thought I'd update to help others. It is a very similar process to how others have posted how to add line numbers to a Word document for use in NVivo, except the end result is numbered paragraphs (or exchanges) in the transcript rather than numbered lines. These are very abbreviated instructions; look here for more detailed instructions with pictures showing how to save with line numbers.


  1. Add paragraph numbers by selecting all and adding list numbering
  2. Save as Plain Text format to remove all formatting and embed list numbering [do NOT click "insert line breaks" like the instructions for saving with line numbers says]
  3. Close file
  4. Open the Plain Text file in Word
  5. Format document (adjust margins, font, line spacing, paragraph spacing, and hanging indents as needed/wanted)
  6. Save as Word Document

Now when you import the Word document to NVivo, the paragraph numbers are embedded.

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I found another way to include paragraph numbers in documents already loaded into Nvivo 12.  

  • right click on the file
  • select export from the menu.  The export dialog box has an option for including paragraph numbers and exporting to a Word format
  • export the file to a folder on your computer in Word format with paragraph numbers.
  • import that file back into Nvivo 


If this is possible (it is i tried it), is there a way to add the paragraph numbers without having to export?

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