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I am using my trial period to figure out if I should use Nvivo for my Ph.D project. My data will mainly be audio recordings of conversations and I need to transcribe a large part of the them. When I try to figure out how transcribing and coding works in Nvivo I notice that the mac version does not have the "shadow coding" function that the windows version have. Shadow coding means that if you code in the audio data, the associated transcription is also coded automatically, and vice versa.


So I wonder if anyone knows if there are plans to include this function in Nvivo for mac in the future? And if people working with conversational data in Nvivo experiences this as a vital function or not?





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Hi Henning,


Our aim is to support your work by continually adding new functionality. These features will be added based on your valuable feedback via regular free software updates in the coming months.


At this stage, shadow coding is currently unavailable in NVivo for Mac. I have already shared with our Product Manager your desire to see this feature in NVivo for Mac. I am however, unable to specify the time frame when this feature will be available.





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