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Bibliography / Reference Import - Mac NVivo (Version 10.2.0 -1374)

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I wonder if you can help:
Is it correct NVivo for the Mac cannot import reference lists from products like Endnote yet, like the windows version?
If so, it seems like a fundamental part of pre-research / subject review process is missing.
In the meantime, can you comment on the workaround approach I have taken:
(1) I export my bibtex reference list (1000+) to csv via JabRef.
(2) Clean up the resulting file
(3) Import as a Source Classification Sheet
(3a) This just brings in the
(4) Import the PDF (collected via a mac 'smart folder') to NVivo.
(5) Manually associate each PDF item with on the source classification list...
Is there any point in this approach? Will it save typing in the bibliographic data again?
Also, should the reference list import for mac be in progress - can I suggest supporting a range of bibliographic tools by using some file format many of the tools can export? (bibtex, mendeley, sente, papers, Refme etc.)
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards Ian

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Hi Ian,


You are correct in saying that Mac cannot import references lists from products like Endnote.

Also, I cannot comment on exporting the reference list via JabRef and cleaning up the resulting file as it’s not something that we have used before.

However, in relation to your other steps you will need to make a couple of changes to how you import your source classification sheet.


In your classification sheet you will need to ensure that your first column contains the hierarchical name for your PDF file. You can export a source classification sheet from the NVivo sample project to get an understanding of what I mean.


Using this method your steps would be:

(1) Export bibtex references list and clean up the file.
(2) Import PDF files to NVivo
(3) Import reference list as source classification (with hierarchical names in first column)

When you import the source classification, ensure you select Update the classification of existing sources or nodes and Replace attribute values of existing sources or nodes that appear in this file. This will automatically link your PDF files with the source classifications.


I will pass your suggestion onto our product manager so that he is aware.



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